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Dominique Vescuso

I’m a real estate agent and property manager with Your Home Imagined, Inc. in Temecula, CA, and the nearby area, providing home-buyers and sellers with professional, responsive, and attentive real estate services. Want an agent who’ll really listen to what you want in a home? Need an agent who knows how to effectively market your home, so it sells? Give me a call! I’m eager to help and would love to talk to you.

Yeltsin Gonzalez, MBA

DRE #02067008

Yeltsin Gonzalez, in the realm of real estate, brings a distinctive blend of educational expertise and practical experience that sets me apart from my colleagues. Armed with a robust background in business analysis, my analytical skills transcend the conventional, providing a unique insight into property valuation.

However, my value proposition extends beyond academia. With substantial years dedicated to home development and remodeling, I possess a nuanced understanding of a property’s worth. I don’t just assess its current market value; I envision its potential future worth through strategic enhancements.

In the intricate world of home development, I’ve cultivated the ability to perceive beyond the present state of a property, visualizing its latent potential. As Yeltsin Gonzalez, my commitment is not merely to assess a home’s present value but to illuminate its future possibilities. I am not just a real estate professional; I am a forward-thinking analyst poised to offer you a nuanced and insightful perspective on your real estate journey.